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    When we decide to buy a farmhouse on Barcelona and Girona, the first thing to do is find out and understand what it is: The farmhouse is the most popular representation of Catalan rural architecture. The term itself comes from the Catalan ‘mas’ and this in turn, from the Latin word ‘mansum’, that is, it was the Roman villas themselves that inspired the architecture of the farmhouse. It is not until the beginning of the SXX that these properties arouse interest again. Stone is, without a doubt, another of the most characteristic elements of the Catalan farmhouse and is present both in its natural state and worked in arches or lintels of doors and windows. Formerly the Masias were part of an agricultural or livestock operation, and that is why they usually occupy an area of between 20 and 300 hectares.

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    Orientation was one of the most careful issues in the farmhouses, but not only with regard to the façade, but also with regard to the distribution of the interior spaces. We have to think that they knew perfectly where they were located since the orientation of the sun was the most important thing. The ground floor used to be dedicated to dependencies related to the use of the construction such as the stables for the animals, while, on the main floor, it was where the day area (living room, dining room, living room ...) as well as the bedrooms were located .

    In some cases, especially in the farmhouses that belonged to richer families, there was a third floor, which used to house warehouses, drying rooms and barns, and many times this type of space could be built annexed to the house forming patios. The fame of the Masias has survived the passage of time, and today they are a landmark construction. Their unique traditional style makes each of them unique pieces, the same as their origins linked to family farms and livestock.

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    Currently these distinguished farms have been reinvented to become Masias with a more modern touch and have become the unique desire of many families, both for their structure and their way of life, since they give the opportunity to live in direct contact with Nature and with the distinction of stone, the main element in these houses.

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