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We sell your property

Cottage Properties has extensive experience selling real estates. We cover all the needs of communication, promotion, logistics, intermediation and legal advice so that the sale is made in the best conditions. Our international coverage allows us to have potential foreign buyers and providers.

Legal advice

Our staff is licensed by the Association of Real Estate Agents and has official expertise for procedures, intermediation and legal advice to be always shielded in the procedures of inheritance, succession and all aspects of law requiring the timely and satisfactory sale or purchase of real estate.


Procedure to obtain the current information of a property that describes the identification of the property, the identity of the owner or owners of the rights registered on it, and the extent, nature and limitations of these. Likewise, the prohibitions or restrictions that affect the holders or registered rights will be recorded.

Notarial Services

We prepare and collect all the necessary information and requirements for proper management before a notary, taking into account the tax implications that various operations of this type may have.


Cottage Properties is officially qualified for Real Estate Valuations and Appraisals. Specialized appraisals of rural properties and rural land.

Mediation with tenants and management of undue occupation

We have a mediator experienced in negotiation, relocation and human management to solve in a satisfactory and legal way the situations of habitation that compromise the interests of our clients.

Energy certificate and certificate of habitability

We manage the procedures in an efficient way to obtain and enable the Energy certificates and the Certificate of habitability

Concierge and Key holding

Cottage Properties makes your travels or vacations easier by keeping the keys of your property safe and managing what you require in your absence.
    The service also includes:
  • Periodic visits to your property
  • Preventive and corrective supervision of punctual tasks or routine tasks such as the maintenance of your pool or garden.
  • Setting up your home for your arrival (cleaning, heating, etc)

Spanish residence permit for the purchase of a property or housing

Since September 27, 2013, the Spanish government, and due to the repealing of the Law 14/2013, makes it possible to obtain the Spanish residence permit by getting a Golden Visa (Spanish investor visa). An investment of €500,000 in real estate will get you the family residence visa. The Spanish investor visa or the residence permit can be renewed every two years. After five years, it is possible to gain the permanent residency and, after ten years, the citizenship. It is not necessary to live in Spain in order to retain and renew the residence visa permit.


We go beyond the traditional services of buying and selling. We offer to our clients integral solutions in reforms and interior design as well as construction.
We have a group of professionals with years of experience in integral reforms and interior decoration for country houses, rustic houses, town houses, luxury homes, etc.

Our team of architects and interior designers, are available to advise each client with the best options to convert your home into the home of your dreams. Always pleasing the needs and tastes of each owner.
We work with first quality materials that guarantee a lasting result, excellent finishes and faithful to the projections approved by the client.

Our commitment to responsibility leads us to study each property and to take into account the geographical, climatological, architectural and historical features so that our reforms and buildings have the least possible visual and ecological impact. We take care of everything and
we are committed to meeting the expectations of our clients in the shortest time possible and in the most serious way.
Each of our renovations has led to the absolute satisfaction of the owners as well as substantially valuing the house.

Whatever your idea of the dream home is, we will build it.
Our team of professionals has 20 years of experience in all types of reforms, renovations, constructions and interior design projects. At Cottage Properties, we work with very high quality standards that allow us the luxury of giving all guarantees to our customers.
We are up to date with new construction techniques, materials and technological applications to find the most effective solution for each reform.

Personalization guarantee

Each home is unique and made up to to fit each person's dreams. We make sure to perfectly understand what you want, what you need and what you like. Each phase of the project is widely explained and agreed upon.

There are many factors and details to consider in a comprehensive reform and interior design. We give each of the parties all the relevance they deserve, from the construction of a new space to the choice of furniture, the final decoration of the house and landscaping.
We can carry out projects ranging from the most traditional and conservative to the most avant-garde in design and materials.

Legality and transparency guarantee

We take care of the formalities of the project and carry out all the necessary procedures efficiently.
We know all regulations and legal obligations and we try to suppose as little inconvenience as possible to our customers.

We maintain our clients informed about the process and any incident that may arise at all times. We stick to the budget and deadlines agreed, avoiding extra costs and delays. We want our clients to feel part of the project, to trust us and to have the certainty of having left their home in good hands.

Professional Photography Service

We make photography sessions of your property. We make a study of all the architectural, landscape, historical, aesthetic and composition potentials to provide the best shots in the best moments of light.
We incorporate the registry of virtual tours of the property in photographs of 360º.

Printed Dossier for clients

As information support and added value, our potential buyers receive a printed dossier with the characteristics of the house and all the elements to contribute to their projection in it (photographs, videos and available material)