Job description


"A One-of-a-Kind Project: Rural Rehabilitation in the Fusion of Modernism and Tradition with Views of Lake Banyoles"


In the world of architecture and renovation, few things are as exciting as bringing together contrasting styles to create something truly unique. In our next project, we embark on an architectural adventure that promises to be a milestone: the rehabilitation of an exceptional property that combines a modernist building with a traditional farmhouse, all framed by the impressive views of Lake Banyoles.

The Charm of Duality: Modernism and Tradition

The heart of this project lies in its architectural duality. On the one hand, the modernist building, with its clean lines and avant-garde design, evokes a feeling of contemporary elegance. On the other hand, the traditional farmhouse, with its rich history and rustic construction, transports us to a past full of charm and character. This fusion creates a dialogue between the past and the present, offering a unique living experience.

Views of Lake Banyoles: An Incomparable Location

Located overlooking the iconic Lake of Banyoles, this property not only enjoys a natural environment of unrivaled beauty, but also offers a quiet retreat from the bustle of everyday life. The lake views add an element of serenity and connection to nature, making this property an oasis of peace and beauty.

A Rural Project with a Vision of the Future

More than a simple rehabilitation, our project seeks to establish a new standard in rural development. We will integrate sustainable technologies and green practices to ensure that the property not only respects its natural environment, but also contributes to its preservation. This approach will allow us to offer all modern amenities while maintaining a low environmental impact.

Respect for History and Nature

A key aspect of this project is respect for both the rich history of the farmhouse and the modernist architecture. Our team will work meticulously to preserve and restore key architectural elements, ensuring that the essence of both styles is not only maintained, but enhanced. At the same time, the harmonious integration of the property into its natural environment will be a priority.

Conclusion: A Pioneer Project in Rural Rehabilitation

This project in Lake Banyoles is not just a rehabilitation; It is a reimagining of what a rural property can be. By fusing the best of modernism and tradition, and by placing this architectural dream in a dreamlike natural environment, we are establishing a new paradigm in the world of rehabilitation and sustainable rural development.